Tony Griffin, P.Eng.  

Tony has over 35 years of experience as project manager and other key senior positions on a broad range of new pipelines in Western Canada, primarily long distance projects, accumulating to several thousand kilometres, the majority of which were actually constructed.  He is experienced in large project organization and management, and in directing engineering work, in line sizes ranging from 8” to 48” in diameter, for liquid and gas products.  Key strengths are in overall planning of a project, understanding of detailed design issues, and attention to detail in contracts both for commercial tightness and to ensure corporate due diligence in areas such as environmental commitments.  Mr. Griffin has dealt extensively with government approval agencies, Federal and Provincial, and has been an expert witness during project approval proceedings.


Rob Fletcher, P.Eng. 

Rob has worked in the pipeline industry for over 28 years as design engineer and project manager for liquid and gas pipelines and facilities for diameters 4” to 48”.  He is experienced in managing engineering teams, in the detailed design of large diameter pipeline projects in challenging mountain terrain and in providing responsive engineering support during construction.  His past responsibilities have also included scope definition, budgeting, contract preparation, writing regulatory submissions, specification development, pipeline detailed design, engineering team management and project management.


Dave Julian 

Dave has been involved in the pipeline industry within North America and Internationally for approximately 40 years and has extensive experience in the engineering, construction and management aspects of pipelines and facilities.  His responsibilities have included surveying, route locating work, project management, technical assistance with engineering studies, cost estimating for pipelines and related facilities, construction contract documents preparation, bid preparation for inspection services, and overall organization and management of construction and field inspection activities.